Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Approximate Overall Height: 13.25"

This beauty is handcrafted from our bohemian fired and hand-polished teardrop prisms, surrounded by totally unique and beautiful fully round crystals we were able to get from our friend who recently traveled to France and brought back a box of beauty for us to use in our Cross Bottle Guy pieces. 

These round crystals are multifaceted and gorgeously fiery, and provide a stunning overall beauty to this piece. Rare, and with only a few available, we are so happy to pair them with our powerhouse crystals to make this gorgeous piece. 

Forever married to the bottle upon which it stands, the antique bottling company bottle wears a gorgeous inner patina of pale gray and white, and is embossed to read: "TWIN CITY BOTTLING WKS. J.S NO. TONAWANDA, N.Y.". Finished in our signature mercerized rust patina, this beauty is the perfect centerpiece of any collection. 

Plus $17.25 Priority Shipping and Handling to the Continental USA


Approximate Overall Height: 25.25"

Another massive piece from the Cross Bottle Guy studio. Handcrafted from large multi-faceted English teardrop crystals, this extremely large piece of Cross Bottle Guy art may be the largest (and heaviest) we've made to date. 

Brilliant in refractory, the large teardrop prisms are clustered together around antique cut glass bobeche, given a solder pearl and further accented by beautiful octagonal Russian crystals. Forever married to a large thick glass antique laboratory bottle, the entire piece is finished in our signature mercerized rust patina, and graced by an olive wood bead rosary with a crucifix and medal. 

Plus $40.25 Priority Shipping and Handling to the Continental USA


Approximate Overall Height: 20.75

Lately, we've had several requests for larger cross bottles by long-time collectors and new collectors alike. These large pieces are stunning, using large antique crystals paired with our workroom powerhouse crystals that you've seen in smaller pieces. 

This beautiful acanthus wreath four point crystal cross uses beautiful crystals with a triad cut at the base surrounded by our hand-polished teardrop prisms forming a wreath within the crystal arms of the cross. 

The handcrafted crystal beauty is forever married to an antique scientific laboratory bottle banded in one of our solder collars and graced with a beautiful wood bead rosary. The entire piece is finished in our signature mercerized rust patina. 

Plus $39.50 Priority Shipping and Handling to the Continental USA


Approximate Overall Height: 14.75

More tokens from France, these gorgeous pear shaped crystals are straight from the Paris flea market! Paired with quad squares of round crystals also sourced in France, the entire piece is finished in our signature mercerized rust patina. 

Forever married to a thick glass, clear antique bottle with beautiful clear embossing. The bottle is embossed to read: 


Plus $17.75 Priority Shipping and Handling to the Continental USA

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Artie Vanderpool Fine Art


Thanks so much for your support of my artistic endeavors, both in Cross Bottle Guy sculpture, and as I embark on Artie Vanderpool fine art. "Art is a journey." That's something a professor of mine said often in our studio art class with a focus on color theory. There isn't a day when I haven't used my fine art education, even in things that are definitely not artistic. 

For years I've focused on interior design, and sculpture here. But recently I've been taking a journey back to my roots in art, painting. 

I figured you may wish to take a look, perhaps one would make a perfect partner to hang behind your cross bottle collection? Perhaps even leaning against a vintage easel? 

Simply Click on the Photo of the Piece - and it will take you to the page where you can add the painting to your cart! 

Paintings are mostly 4x6, offered at $35 with shipping INCLUDED!
There area  few 6x8 paintings, offered at $55 with shipping INCLUDED!
Price change is noted in listing.

All are mixed media on 140 pound archival quality watercolor paper

Thanks for being on the journey! 

Painting Only. No mat. No frame. Signed, Named, Dated on back for optimal framing potential! Original Fine Art. Sold as Photographed. No Exchange/Return. 



Approximate Overall Height: 11"

A beautiful French Croix Pattee Alesee Arrondie made from our beautiful octagonal crystals, centered on one of our medium German octagonal crystals has exceptional refractory and a fire. Finished in our signature mercerized rust, the crystal cross tops a beautiful antique embossed bottle from California, with a beautiful interior haze and ethereal glow. It is embossed to read:  "CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. CALIFIG STERLING PRODUCTS (INC) SUCCESSOR"



Approximate Overall Height: 14.25"

So far, we've released four pieces made from gorgeous findings our dear friend brought back from France. This gorgeous hand-carved french oak filigree piece was removed from an antique chest, and offered at the Paris Flea, along with many other pieces our dear friend bought the best of for our creative hands. 

We have embellished this century old rose and vine lattice filigree carving with two sizes of our extremely refractive teardrop and Russian octagonal crystals, to give it the appropriate jewelry we felt it deserved. 

Forever married to a beautifully clear, heavy glass antique embossed bottle which reads:  "BRADFORD BREWING CO. BRADFORD, PA. REGISTERED". it is banded by one of our solder collars and finished in our signature mercerized rust patina.