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Cross Bottle Guy (Artie Vanderpool) is an Interior Stylist and artist living and working in Western New York. Born and raised in West Central Texas, Artie grew up in a home that fostered the creative spirit, energized the artistic nerve, and rewarded coloring outside the lines.

Since 2009, Cross Bottle Guy's hand made art, marries the rough to the refined with an artistic approach of the most creative regard. Born in the North Tonawanda, New York stained glass studio: Gleam & Glimmer, Cross Bottle Guy uses shapely and unique glass vessels - some vintage, some antique, some just gosh'darn gorgeous - festooning them with crystal, shells, corals, and antique spanish metalware.

These one-of-a-kind creations are made using the antique copper foil stained glass method, and each piece of work requires hours of hand work and many steps to result in the final, beautiful work of art. Recycled, reused, remarkable! Decorative use only. Size and color will vary; heights listed are approximate.


All orders through the Cross Bottle Guy website are placed via paypal, a secure and fast way to pay. Paypal accepts all major debit and credit cards, and accounts are free and easy to set up. Checks are accepted for approved customers, contact artie.vanderpool@gmail.com for details. 

Payments are irrevocable for the entire purchase price at the time of the order. Cancellations of orders must be made prior to the order shipment, typically within two (2) days of production.


Cross Bottle Guy does not accept returns on first quality merchandise for any reason. Any claim for damaged merchandise must be reported to Cross Bottle Guy within 48-hours of receipt of the package. We  only sell and package first quality merchandise, and make every reasonable attempt to prevent any breakage in transit. 

However, because transit is case-by-case, we automatically insure all packages with the United States Postal Service and ship with Priority shipping. If your package should unfortunately include broken items, Cross Bottle Guy will file the insurance claim with USPS, and the carrier will conduct an investigation for the damage claim and the carrier and/or Cross Bottle Guy will contact you once the investigation is concluded to resolve the issue.