At Cross Bottle Guy, we want you to have an excellent shopping experience! Whether you need to place an order, track the status of your order, or give us your feedback, we'd love to hear from you.
If you do not see the answer to your question here, feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

1. Do you ship outside of the United States?

YES! We will ship anywhere in the world, however, the shipping prices that are located on the website are listed for the Continental United States, only. If you are looking to purchase our handmade work, and you live outside of the USA, please send us an email and we will calculate your expected shipping costs.

2. Do you offer wholesale?

YES! We do provide our cross bottles at wholesale to qualified distributors around the country. If you're interested in carrying our bottles in your store, or purchasing large quantities, you can find more information under the wholesale tab, here.

3. Are there other shipping methods?

YES! However, we choose to ship all of our products via Insured USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested by the customer.

4. Where do you find your bottles?

We hand source all of our materials, including our antique and vintage bottles. There are various places where we collect these treasures to be used as the base for our handmade crystal artwork, pewter rosary crosses, and sealife collections to include digging them by hand ourselves.

5. Can I make custom order requests?

Sure! We want you to LOVE your purchase, and for it to fit perfectly in your home! If you have a request for a particular bottle shape, color, or size you can email us, and we will do our best to find something that fits your desires, or to create what you envision. We can also attach our artwork to any bottle you currently own. To discuss this option you can email us about custom orders. Custom work is typically no more expensive than purchasing bottles from the site.

6. Do the crosses come off of the bottle?

I'm sorry, but no. Our crosses forever seal their bottle base. You are buying one complete piece of art, a mix of the rough and discarded with the elegant and refined. If you're looking for something removable, drop us a line about custom orders.

7. How do you get the metal to be that color?

It's our little secret! Mercerized Rust is a signature patina that we created at Cross Bottle Guy to separate our work from other work you may see online and in stores. We feel that this unique color best fits the antiquity of our raw materials.

8. I've seen other bottles on the web, are you selling on other sites?

NO! Cross Bottle Guy bottles are sold on crossbottleguy.blogspot.com only, and at various retailers across the United States. If you see other pieces like ours on the world wide web, they are crafted by different artists not affiliated with Cross Bottle Guy.

9. How many artists create Cross Bottle Guy cross bottles?

One! All of the bottles sold on the Cross Bottle Guy website are made by Artie Vanderpool. However, we couldn't bring these bottles to you without the help of a few very talented hands who help with maintenance of the website, packaging, and sourcing the perfect raw materials for Artie's handmade beauties.

10. Are all of your bottles one of a kind? Could I order two that are exactly the same?

YES! All of the Cross Bottle Guy cross bottles are one-of-a-kind. While you can not order two bottles that are exactly the same, you can made a custom order request for bottles that are as similar as possible. Because we work with antique and vintage products, we can not promise that this will be possible, however. Our hope is that you'd be able to appreciate the unique differences of each piece of handmade art.

11. I love the backgrounds for your photos. Can I buy something from this display?

Most definitely! If you're interested in one or more elements from our photography display behind the cross bottles, shoot us an email describing the item, and we will get back to you with a price for purchase and shipping.

12. Where do you get you crystals? Are they glass or acrylic?

Our crystals are hand-sourced from various places, and are all vintage or antique, repurposed from large chandeliers. Each crystal is glass, or leaded glass. We never use acrylic or plastics in our art.

13. How do I clean my bottle?

Your bottle will arrive to your home, clean and ready for display. Should you need to clean the piece, any glass cleaner will be sufficient. Remember that you are cleaning a very delicate piece of art, so please do so gently.

14. Do you ever make other pieces that are not on bottles?

YES! Cross Bottle Guy also offers pieces attached to antique and vintage silver-plated pieces. These are available through custom order, or by chance on our website.

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