It's our greatest joy having our handmade art in beautiful homes across the country. If you'd like to submit your review of your purchase, we welcome you to send it via email to:

"Artie- my bottles arrived today and I am thrilled! I have them in an east kitchen window and the daylight on the crystals is beautiful. The dark window doesn't do them justice. The morning light will be amazing." 

 "Got my package today! Thanks so much!! It's beautiful!!"

"I don't know how you manage to make each one more beautiful than the next. I love my collection! These arrived so beautifully packaged and in perfect shape! I'll be back for more on my birthday!"

"Hi Artie, just a note to let you know my beautiful bottles arrived safely today!!! Thank you so much for the extra soldiers cross bottle!!! I love all the bottles I have purchased from you!!! Thanks for the fast shipping, also!!!Keep up the great work!"

"Absolutely stunning! Your work is incredible! My friend loved her bottle, and I love mine!"

 "I received my bottle yesterday and it is really lovely.  Hope to start a collection with this one.  Thanks for the quick shipping!"

 " love Artie's bottles, he's fabulous I've seen others and no one compares to his fabulous cross bottles."

"I am in love with my cross bottles! Every time I look at them they make me smile. Each one is so different from the other in its beauty. Stunning additions to my home. Looking to buy more for gifts to my loved ones and gifts to myself!"

"Just a note to let you know my cross on ink bottle arrived safely! I love it! Keep up the great work!"

 "Love, love the bottle ... beautiful! I'm an antique bottle junkie and I have a ton ... have altered a few bottles, but none like yours ... Thanks for a great transaction!"

"Just want you to know that I am 'in love' with your art. Your bottles make a statement and are different. Love that they are one of a kind and not massed produced. Also, I am very impressed with the way you display them on your website. The lighting, the old books, the blue and white pieces, the stone pieces ... just everything, make for a very eye appealing display."

"Artie - you are an artist of the highest caliber! I LOVE my bottle!!! Absolutely love it. The extra touch with the metal ring on the bottom, the engraved cross, the medallion from Italy. And all put together in such a beautiful way - and so sturdy!"

"I knew that I would love it, but I didn't know that I would love it this much! Your pictures are gorgeous Artie, but in person, WOW! Just ... WOW! Thank you!"

"My wife had started a collection a year or so ago, and I was glad to find you were selling your bottles again so I could get one for her for our anniversary. Thank you for the extra gift. You're a very gifted gentleman, I'm sure you'll see me again. Nice knowing I always can grab the perfect gift for her on your site."

"L-O-V-E!! I am in marketing and I have to tell you, you've done a smashing job with the delivery of your product to your customer. As I learned, way back when in college, you've Wow'ed your customer! Thanks for making my day. Little things make me happy and you certainly have an eye for the little details!"

"Absolute perfection, Artie!"

"This little treasure could not have come at a better time. A little point of inspiration and reflection for me and my family as we run up and down the staircase in our home. A perfect reminder to slow down and take notice, reflect and cherish."

"Many thanks and kudos to you and your staff on the fast shipping and carefully wrapped bottles.  You have your ordering system down to a fine art!  Your work is so very lovely."

"Your artistry - your beautiful works - are my latest addiction!! ;-)  They also make the best gifts!
These and the other ones I have purchased are just the right mixture of beautiful sparkle, old world antiquity and significance - I really am in love with them!! Thank you for making me smile with delight and also have something very unique for giving loved ones. ( I do admire the way you wrap them so carefully - ingenious! ;)  Thank you, its pure pleasure owning your 'babies', Artie."

"I'm absolutely over the moon in love with this cross bottle, Artie. Your attention to detail and your craftsmanship with these delicate relics is awe inspiring. What might have been lost forever is now a beautiful treasure for the home, I cherish mine, and I love seeing your new pieces. I'm sure I'll be adding to my collection often."

"My best friend has about 10 of your bottles grouped together in her home, and I just couldn't take it anymore! I had to ask where she got them! I'm so happy she shared your site with me, and that I have been able to start this collection of my own. As I unwrapped your beautiful packaging, I squealed in glee! It's nice to know that I have something that is unique and different! My friend already wants to trade! These are the perfect addition to my home, and I'll definitely be back for more!"

"Each bottle that I have purchased from you has been extraordinary, a true treasure. I've been collecting them since 2012, and now have 17 in my collection. Each one is unique, and different, and you can tell that they all are painstakingly made by the hand of a very gifted artist. Thank you for this newest addition, and for my grand collection of your handmade beauty."

"Thanks for the special attention you paid to this gift for my mom for Mother's Day. She talks about your site every time we ask her what to get her for her birthday, or Christmas, or whatever. We finally listened to her. She's gonna be thrilled!"

"Incredible. Absolutely - Incredible. Everything about this purchase was perfect! From the kind email letting me know the bottle was on its way, to the amazing wrapping and packaging, to the unveiling of this incredible, divine, inspirational A-R-T. You have a customer for life in me! Can't wait to see what you create next! Thank you so much!"

"I bought three of these for a client's vanity area in her master bathroom, and now have come back for more for myself. They're the perfect luxury decoration accessory for the home, great work. Really beautiful!"

" I love your work. Saving up my $$ and will purchase another one to start a collection of your work. Excellent job of packing! Thanks again!"

"Caution! Highly Addictive! Your work is simply breathtaking and you're an absolute pleasure to work with. I love collecting things you have on the site, but the two that you made for the unique bottles I already own were pure magic! I already have my eye on the next piece!"

"I'm thinking you have no doubts about my love your babies - thank you, thank you, Artie!
We are certainly doing our part in promoting & gifting, but most importantly, for us -in enjoying - your beautiful cross bottles!! Appreciate you so much!"

"I was thrilled to stumble upon your site based on the recommendation of a dear friend. I had been looking for a unique, vintage looking piece to add some life and personality that was sorely lacking in my family room. Clearly, this is what I needed. The vibrant cobalt blue bottle's lines are classic and simplistic enough to allow the real attention to be drawn to the intricate beauty of the cross and its massive crystals! As the afternoon sun streams into the room, I'm greeted by a mesmerizing prismatic masterpiece. My only fear is that this may be only the beginning of a new found addiction to your work. A risk I'm happily willing to take!"

This makes my twentieth bottle I've purchased from you Artie, and I have to tell you that I'm not stopping here! You have such an eye for creating mesmerizing work, and you've been so fantastic to work with on custom pieces to help round out my collection here. Now on to another room, can't wait until you start making sea shell and coral pieces again! Love your work! 

This year for Christmas a dear friend of mine gifted me one of your beautiful bottles, and I was so delighted to find that you had another similar bottle for sale - so I bought it. You definitely have a new collector in me. Your work is without a doubt, the most beautiful metalwork I've ever seen in this application. Rustic and gorgeous at the same time. Thank you for sharing this talent. Can't wait to find more bottles for my home. 

No doubt about it - you're the best! 

I never write reviews for things, but after I purchased my bottle, and went back to the site to order three more, I saw that you had a place for people to submit reviews, and I wanted to share my story with everyone. I hope that you will. I bought my first bottle from Cross Bottle Guy after I saw a collection that a friend of mine had started. I knew that I would be building a collection of my own, so I must have asked Artie from Cross Bottle Guy 20 questions about the bottles. Every single time I spoke with him via email or phone, he couldn't have been nicer to me. He answered all of my questions, and he even took pictures of different bottles that I was interested in all together so that I could see what they might look like grouped on the mantel at my house. He is a class act, and his art is beautiful, and sturdy. The fact that you can buy handmade art anymore at all is priceless, but for something with so much heart in it, and with such beauty, I can't believe that I am able to have them in my home, and I thank you for that. If you were like me, and you hemmed and hawed over which bottle to get, or whether or not to spend the money, do yourself a favor, and do it! You won't regret owning a piece of Cross Bottle Guy work. It's really very stunning. 

I have been a collector of Artie's work for three years. When my father passed away this year, Artie graciously gifted my siblings and I cross bottles. My father's favorite color was green, and Artie found beautiful green bottles and made matching crosses for me, my two brothers, and my two sisters. Each of us lives in a different state, but we will always have our matching bottles to remind us of our dad, and each other. Artie is a true gentleman, and an artist of unmatched talent. 

I received my absolutely stunning cross bottle in the mail the other day and am beyond thrilled!!! I literally gasped out loud when I unwrapped it ... it was even prettier than I ever imagined it would be. It arrived in perfect condition and was wrapped so beautifully. I can already tell I will be adding more o these wonderful pieces of art to my collection. Thank you so much!

Just wanted to take a moment and compliment you on your cross bottles. I've purchased two of these bottles, the most recent being a couple of weeks ago, for my girlfriend. We get nothing but good words from everyone who see these in our house. We are huge fans of your art. We'll always be looking for your next lot as we'd love to add to our collection. I'm also debating on sending you a bottle or two so you can add to it.

Love my wonderful Cross Bottles, they are wonderful!!!

"Just wanted to let you know the bottle arrived in great condition and we are very pleased with the finished product. Attached is the pic of the bottle with it's little brother that our daughter-in-law gave to my wife for her birthday. My wife said she hopes to get another one soon. Thanks again for your responsiveness and high quality craftsmanship."

"There's not a higher caliber or quality handmade gift available on the market. Long time collector, hope to add more to my collection soon."

"Beautiful! Can't wait to add more." 

"I absolutely LOVE the double wreath on silver base!!!! It is even more beautiful than the picture. I sure hope you get your other items up on your website soon. You do such quality work, in interested styles!!!! Take care and I will keep checking your site for more treasures." 

"I can't believe how beautiful my custom order turned out. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me, and for treating the bottle I sent you with such care. I have loved my collection of bottles for as long as I've had them, but now with your artwork attached, they are beyond gorgeous and my prize possessions. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cross bottle. Also, thank you for 1) keeping your prices so reasonable 2) always taking the time to wrap them so carefully and 3)shipping so they arrive so quickly."

"Your beautiful bottles arrived safely today!!! I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! You do such beautiful work!!! I love the angel bottle, heavier than it looks, I guess it is iron or some other heavy metal ... Stunning!!! The cross bottle is beautiful, I love the bottle and the rosary, the compliment the beautiful cross so well ... Thanks for the fast and safe shipping!!!! Take care and keep up the great work!!!"

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