Wednesday, June 5, 2013


vintage cross bottles
Overall Height: 13"

At Cross Bottle Guy, we strive to bring you new and interesting, handmade one of a kind art each and every time we create one of our first quality cross bottles. Thanks to our medium, antique and vintage chandelier prisms, we have always been able to make multiple similar pieces for your enjoyment and to add to your collections. However, every so rarely, we happen to find a beautiful handful of unique crystals we doubt we'll ever find again. 

Realized here, in this exquisitely beautiful and refractive blue cross bottle, is that rare moment in your Cross Bottle Guy experience. Sourced at an antique market in Boston, Massachusetts these four antique hand-chiseled pentagonal crystals are pieces we'll likely never have the pleasure to happen upon again; therefore making this bottle a must have to your private collection! 

Made even more beautiful by our German square and Russian octagonal prisms, this piece of handmade art is forever joined to a beautiful cobalt blue antique medicine pill bottle. Still chalky on the inside from its many years tucked beneath the earth's surface, this bottle is the perfect vessel for our art, finished in our signature mercerized rust patina and ready for your beautiful home!

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