Sunday, January 24, 2016


Approximate Overall Height: 18"
(Crystal Crowned Mirror For Purchase Only, Cross Bottle For Sale Here)

Have you heard the expression "Wild Hair"? Well, that's exactly what happened in the studio last night when we came upon this vintage double sided oval vanity mirror we sourced during a feverish jot through an estate sale in Delaware's beautiful Brandywine Valley. Tucked away for several years, this beauty came out to play last night, and with that wild hair, we created what is the first of the Cross Bottle Guy mirror collection!
Reflective. Refractive. Resplendent.
The crystal coronal atop this reflective looking glass is a combination of some of our most refractive and fiery prisms, formed together by hand and finished with our signature mercerized rust patina. Hand-cut and hand-polished teardrops in two sizes, Russian octagonal beads in two sizes, Austrian ovals, Czech rosettes, and our stunning Cat Eye ovals seamlessly hug the edge of this stunning piece of multi-use art! 

Forever married to its bottle base, this tiara topped mirror has a stunning life partner. A century old apothecary jar with a heavenly patina, an alligatored inner skin of milky whites, grays, caramels, and honey. Draped in prepossessing antique Spanish rosary beads of the deepest azure blue, capped in brass, and further embellished with one of our solder belts, this gem is truly special, unique, one-of-a-kind!

The perfect piece for the princess you know, the princess you are, or the princess you've dreamed of being, this example of Cross Bottle Guy bottle art is perfect for your vanity table, dressing room or boudoir, or simply as a piece that will reflect the shining artistry of our cross bottles.
Authentically Handmade. Unique. One of a Kind. Art.

Sorry. I've been purchased for a private collection.

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