Monday, February 1, 2016


vintage cross bottles
Approximate Overall Height: 25"
Absolutely one of a kind, totally unique, and utterly gorgeous this massive crystal cross bottle is our largest crystal cross creation at Cross Bottle Guy to date! At a recent estate auction held in a large carriage house in the Hudson River Valley, we scored a thrilling lot of antique, full-lead, hand-cut and hand-polished chandelier prisms. Completely excited for the many possibilities, we were caught in awe with these 5 extra large, and absolutely stunning French pendalogue leaf-shaped crystals. Heavy and brilliant, the refractory of these hand-cuts is nothing short of mesmerizing. We knew that they absolutely had to be used together, and they have amassed to be the largest cross bottle we have ever had the joy of hand-making.

vintage cross bottles
Centered on a large, radiant German octagonal crystal, and gracefully embellished by triads of our bohemian teardrop prisms, each so dazzling on its own, and further accented by our demure Russian octagonal crystals, the extra large French chandelier pendalogues have made fast and forever friends, and together, they create something remarkably lustrous and incredibly distinctive.

vintage cross bottles

Finished in our signature mercerized rust patina, this incredible piece is forever married to a bottle that is just as rare. A gorgeous, generously large antique French glass apothecary jar used in the French South Quest Pharmacy, Pharmacie du Sud Quest, has a beautiful silhouette, and the most gorgeous amber color. Forget that "beer bottle brown" amber that you've seen in other places. This is truly a sun swept, honey laden, richly textured amber. A wash of color that you have to see to appreciate. Wrapped with two of our large solder collars, and hugged by the elegant and large beads of a vintage rosary, it's a piece you'll never find again.

vintage cross bottles
Shown with other beautiful amber pieces from our handmade collection of unique art, which you can find here, this piece would be a wonderful showstopper on its own, or the perfect centerpiece of any Cross Bottle Guy collection. Made from only hand sourced materials both vintage and antique, this piece is imperfectly perfect, the most splendid example of our rough/luxe philosophy!

Authentically Handmade. Unique. One of a Kind. Art. Luxury for the Home.

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