Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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Approximate Overall Height: 17.5"
The second of our coronal mirror series, we're calling this one Corona Radiata, inspired by Roman Emperors' crowns and laurel wreath combinations. Borrowed from the Greeks and Spartans, the Romans used crowns and wreaths of laurel or olive leaves to crown as a token of divinity, grand reward, and triumphal decoration.

Reflective. Refractive. Resplendent.
Recreated in crystals, this corona and wreath was reimagined with 39 individually hand placed refractive and fiery vintage prisms, and finished with our signature mercerized rust patina. Hand-cut and hand-polished teardrops, Russian octagonal crystals in two sizes, and Austrian ovals in two sizes seamlessly hug the edge of this perfectly round vintage double sided mirror, we found while digging through boxes at an estate in Delaware.
Forever married to the perfect bottle base, this tiara topped mirror sits perched on an embossed antique aqua seltzer bottle, with a hazy inner fog of smoke gray and milky white. Thick, heavy glass with seeded imperfections, and benign inner fractures to the handsome silhouette add to the overall patina and charm of this special piece. Banded in one of our solder collars, and graced by an antique beaded rosary and Italian medallion, this one of a kind piece is sure to be a stand out in your collection.

cross bottles

The perfect piece for the princess you know, the princess you are, or the princess you've dreamed of being, this example of Cross Bottle Guy bottle art is perfect for your vanity table, dressing room or boudoir, or simply as a piece that will reflect the shining artistry of our cross bottles.

Please note there are very slight imperfections in the mirrors as they are vintage. However, these do not interfere with viewing, and we think, add to the rough/luxe look we curate here at Cross Bottle Guy.
This bottle is embossed. It is embossed to read:

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