Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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Overall Height: 12.5"

A new and likely already retired shape for Cross Bottle Collectors for 2016, these beautifully unique flat backed crystals were a rare find, and we may never find them again. Hand chiseled on the sides only, these pointed rectangular crystals are still incredibly beautiful in the light, as you can see. Combined here with our German octagonal prisms, this one of a kind piece is sure to stand out in your collection.
The cross isn't the only rare piece, however. Married forever through the use of heavy patinated solder, finished in our signature mercerized rust patina to a long neck and ribbed bottle bearing an inner patina of milky whites and grays, even some iridescence, this entire handmade piece was a real joy to create, and we are sure it'll be a joy to own! Further enhanced by two of our solder collars, this is sure to make a lovely piece of jewelry for your home!

Authentically Handmade. Unique. One of a Kind. Art.

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