Thursday, June 2, 2016


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Approximate Overall Height: 15.5"

When you create art, you create life. Picking a favorite, would be like favoring one child over another; and while we know that is something we should never do, it does happen from time to time. Enter this beauty, a beautiful piece of Cross Bottle Guy crystal sculpture already getting a lot of praise from the studio.

Hand crafted using our largest ice pendalogues, centered on an antique octagonal prism, and finished with our tiniest teardrop prisms for a somewhat floral center, this crystal starburst, is a perfect piece to add to your growing collections of Cross Bottle Guy crystal crosses, sculptures, or our sealife bottles. Finished in our signature mercerized rust patina, this stunning masterwork is further enhanced by the antique amber bottle it has been forever paired.

An amber spirits demijohn, hand blown in Kentucky, with the insignia to signify the relationship with the Kentucky distiller and the state of Missouri, this beautiful bottle, with its feminine silhouette casts a warm and ambient glow. A beautiful piece of history, topped with a beautiful piece of art.

Authentically Handmade. Unique. One of a Kind. Art.

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