Thursday, June 2, 2016


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Approximate Overall Height: 14.5"

These beautiful leaf shaped prisms are extremely rare, and when we are lucky enough to come across them here at Cross Bottle Guy, they always make the most beautiful cross bottles! This one is no exception. Flat back and hand cut, these Austrian crystals are brilliantly refractive and are paired up with our Russian octagonal prisms, and are centered on a gorgeous antique rosette with solder filled center, which burn with brilliant refractory. A large piece, sure to bring a glow to any room of your beautiful home, this is certainly one to add to your collection! 

The cross isn't the only rare piece, however. Married forever through the use of heavy patinated solder, finished in our signature mercerized rust patina to a long neck beverage bottle from the early 1920's, bearing an inner patina of milky whites and grays, this entire handmade piece of art is unique, and a real show stopper!

This bottle is embossed. It is embossed to read:

Authentically Handmade. Unique. One of a Kind. Art.

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