Thursday, September 1, 2016


Approximate Overall Height: 16"

All of the crystals that we use for our handmade crystal bottle art are sourced by hand for quality, clarity, shape and interest. We love all of the crystals that we buy for our art, but when we happen upon truly special ones like these, we almost sprint to the studio to make a piece of art for our Cross Bottle Guy collectors! 

Made of 5, beautifully refractive, hand chiseled flat backed rectangular prisms, with a bit of a narrowed top, this unique and one of a kind crystal cross bottle is sure to fit right in with your growing collection of our work! These remarkably splendid crystals are accented by our stunning and brilliantly fiery teardrop prisms and those Russian octagonal prisms that we use in a lot of our pieces to increase the intricacy of the shape.

Finished in our signature mercerized rust finished, the crystal cross is forever married to an antique aqua embossed pharmacy bottle. 

This bottle is embossed. It is embossed to read: 

Graced with a gorgeous antique rosary of cocoa beads from Italy, and a silver-plated St. Christopher medal, this lovely piece of art is sure to impress, and can now be yours!

Authentically Handmade. Unique. One of a Kind. Art. 

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